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Sarus- The gentle and caring flying giants

  The elegant and beautiful Sarus cranes are amongst my favorite birds. They fascinate me a lot. After a long wait this year went to try and photograph their chicks. It is unbelievable that such large birds (the adults are … Continue reading

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A memorable Journey to Mongolia to find Zen

How this trip came about On 3rd Nov as I reached Mandal a small village at the base of Chopta and a place where you get connectivity I received a PM on Instagram asking me to call my friend Ismail … Continue reading

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A Day with a Leopard Mom

Leopards the near perfect hunters of the jungles are solitary and shy cats. To spend time with these beautiful animals has been a dream for me. Imagine my joy when I got to spend a whole day with a Leopard … Continue reading

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Kesin turns 5

The Keśin were long-haired ascetic wanderers with mystical powers described in the Keśin Hymn of the Rig-Veda The Keśin are described as homeless, those who travel with the wind and are adept at being  equally at home in the physical and the spiritual worlds. They … Continue reading

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Italy -in 2 weeks

If you love history, monuments, landscapes, beaches and more importantly food and wine then Italy is a must do. I realised that I am neither a art and history buff nor a foodie, also that i prefer a jungle full … Continue reading

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